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Juliana Clough


What do I need to do to remove a vehicle from my policy?

In order to remove a vehicle from your policy, you will need to return the tags to the MVA and then call us to take the vehicle off of your policy.

How do I retrieve my auto insurance ID Cards?

Most of our companies will issue new ID cards every 6 months by mail. If you need a copy of your ID card(s) immediately, you can call or email our team and we will get them to you.

How do I get reimbursed for my towing bill?

You are eligible to receive reimbursement for your towing bill as long as you have towing coverage on your vehicle.

If you need to get a bill reimbursed, either stop by the office with your bill or email a copy of your bill to one of our agents. (You can find their emails above)

What does "Full Coverage" mean?

When it comes to auto insurance, there are a few different coverage options.

The normal minimum coverage amount is Liability only. This means that you only have coverage for people and objects involved in an incident other than yourself. Simply put, with Liability only, you have no physical damage coverage for your vehicle.

The other popular option is Full Coverage (this is required when financing a vehicle). This means that along with the minimum liability coverage, you also have coverage for Comprehensive and Collision events.

Collision events include accidents with other vehicles and objects.

Comprehensive events are things like hitting a deer, a rock cracking your windshield, etc.

Feel free to contact our team with additional questions about this.

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